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South-South Cooperation Training on Climate Change held in China

SSC Training5

A specialized training course on climate-resilient industrial development was recently held in Beijing, China. The “2016 Special Training on South-South Cooperation for Climate Change: Seminar on Addressing Climate Change – Pathway and Implementation of Carbon Emission Reduction” took place from 20-29 October 2016 and was sponsored by the Department of Climate Change of the National Development and Reform Commission, and organized by the Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences (China National Cleaner Production Center, Ministry of Environmental Protection).

The seminar brought together 24 representatives from 13 countries distributed around the world. Attendees came from the Asia-Pacific region (Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Viet Nam), Africa (Cote d’Ivoire, Egypt, Uganda, and UR Tanzania) and Latin America (Cuba and Peru). In their countries of origin, participants mostly worked in areas addressing climate change, environmental management, industrial management, cleaner production and related fields.

The training lasted 10 days and combined different activities such as classroom instruction, on-site visits, and discussion and exchange sessions. Well-known academics from leading Chinese institutes and universities such as the Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences and Tsinghua University were invited to deliver lectures, sharing valuable experience and successful cases from China in the areas of climate change, carbon trading, industrial carbon emission, environmental protection, and cleaner production.

SSC Traning2

As part of the training, participants visited the Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences and had the chance to interact with leaders from various departments, including the National Cleaner Production Center, on aspects such as environmental management, environmental protection technology and cleaner production policy.

Participants also visited enterprises such as Tus-Sound Environmental Resources co., LTD., Beijing GeoEnviron Engineering & Technology, lnc and China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group, in order to become familiar with advanced technologies and their application in areas such as climate change, carbon emission reduction and environmental protection.

SSC Traning3

The training also served to summarize the national reports and technical demands from 13 countries related to the application of renewable energy, construction of low-carbon parks, energy saving and emission reduction technology in industry, and the clean and effective utilization of fuel coal.

Many participants felt that the Chinese model and its experiences provided a reference for them in many aspects of dealing with climate change, such as policy-making and practical implementation of solutions. Participants expressed hope that the training could facilitate mutual communication and understanding, and help advance international cooperation in the topics of climate change, carbon emission reduction and eco-environmental protection. This would facilitate jointly dealing with and solving common environmental issues and provide strong support for furthering the implementation of China’s “One Belt and One Road” initiative, and related South-South cooperation activities.

For more information, please contact the China National Cleaner Production Centre (CNCPC) at