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Seminar on “Sustainable Industrial Parks” held in TOSA Industrial Park, Paraguay


Monday 01 August 2016

A seminar on “Sustainable Industrial Parks” was held in West Terminal facilities S.A. (TOSA Industrial Park) On Friday 29 July, within the framework of the implementation of the Regional Project “Development of Sustainable Industrial Parks (PAIS) in Latin America” supported by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), with the participation of the Ministry of industry and Commerce (MIC) as a political focal point and the Eco-Efficiency Centre (CECOEF) of the Paraguayan Association for Quality, and member of RECPnet, as technical counterpart.

The objective of the project is to strengthen national capacities for the planning and management of industrial parks by identifying and promoting complementarities and partnerships to boost regional cooperation. It aims to help improve productivity, competitiveness and environmental performance of industrial areas evaluated in the countries participating in the regional project through the application of methodologies of Resource efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP), promoting synergies and opportunities for innovation among the industries.

West Terminal S.A. (TOSA) is a logistics platform located in Villa Hayes, in front of the city of Asuncion, which has a multimodal port along a five-kilometer coastline on the Paraguay River. Several manufacturing and service industries, located in the TOSA Industrial Park, have  been selected for this project.

The Seminar was held in the auditorium hall of the company ENVAPAR (TOSA Industrial Park) and was attended by representatives of the chosen companies located in the Industrial Park and the managers of the industrial park. Opening remarks were given by Mary Martinez, Manager of the TOSA Industrial Park and Mr. Mario Cattoni, Director of Industrial Development, Ministry of Industry and Trade. Mr. Sergio Oddone, CECOEF coordinator of the APC, then explained about the “Development of Sustainable Industrial Parks (PAIS) in Latin America ” Project presenting the objectives, goals and expected results.

Viviana Villalba and Silvia Gimenez, technical engineers of CECOEF, presented the topics of “Industrial Parks Sustainable” and “Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production”, respectively, in order to raise awareness on the importance of sustainable Industrial Parks and of advantages in terms of profitability, competitiveness and access to markets, while emphasizing the economic, social and environmental benefits of this strategy.


Mr. Sergio Oddone, Coordinator of CECOEF /