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1st Global Network Conference on RECP in Luzerne
October 2011
2nd Global Network Conference on RECP in Nairobi
September 2013
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October 2015
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Meeting of RECPnet’s Arab Regional Chapter

17 October 2016 – Barcelona, Spain

The RECPnet Arab Regional Chapter Meeting was convened on 17 October 2016 in Barcelona, Spain, to galvanize knowledge transfer, networking and joint actions of the members of RECPnet in pursuit of the further scaling up and mainstreaming of RECP in the Arab region and beyond.

The meeting in particular aimed to:

  • Take stock of the development of RECPnet and RECP initiatives and successes in the region;
  • Discuss the status of the implementation of the RECPnet Work Plan 2016, and progress made towards the objectives of the Operational Strategy for RECPnet 2015-2020;
  • Kick off work in the region’s Thematic Working Groups;
  • Discuss emerging opportunities and challenges as a basis for an increase of future activities of RECPnet within the region.

Participating members included: Tunis International Center for Environmental Technologies (CITET) (as Regional Executive and KMS Regional Coordinator), National Centre of Cleaner Technologies Production Algeria, Egypt National Cleaner Production Centre and the Royal Scientific Society Jordan – Cleaner Production Unit. In addition, the Palestine Academy for Science and Technology – PALAST took part in the meeting as a prospective member of RECPnet.

A full report of the meeting is available for download here: RECPnet Arab Regional Chapter Meeting_Summary Notes.

The Regional Chapter meeting was organized in tandem with SwitchMed Connect 2016, in order to facilitate collective advocacy for RECP and the capacities of RECPnet in the Arab Region.