October 2009
1st Global Network Conference on RECP in Luzerne
October 2011
2nd Global Network Conference on RECP in Nairobi
September 2013
3rd Global Network Conference on RECP in Montreux
October 2015
4th Global Network Conference on RECP in Davos

The Global Network for Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production


  • Global Chemical Leasing Award 2018

    The fourth Global Chemical Leasing Award will take place on 6 November 2018 in Vienna, Austria. It will be part of the Green Chemistry Conference 2018 within the Trio Presidency of the Council of the European Union (EU) programme, “Smart and Sustainable Europe”, held during......

  • 2017 Training Programme on South-South Cooperation on Climate Change Successfully Held in China

    The Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences (China National Cleaner Production Center, Ministry of Environmental Protection) help to promote green industrial development through climate change seminar series. BEIJING, China (24 November 2017) — In line with the promotion of South-South cooperation to tackle climate change......

  • UNIDO Launches Global RECP Financing Training: First Stop, India!

    HYDERABAD / AHMADABAD, India (1 December 2017) – In the first two of seven planned Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) financing training events, UNIDO, in collaboration with Ernst & Young (EY), delivered training for members of the Global Network for RECP (RECPnet) and industry......

Network Membership

The Network for Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECPnet) brings together over 70 providers of RECP services on a global level, in order to catalyze the effective and widespread application of RECP in developing and transition countries. It does so by providing specialized, quality-assured, technical and advisory services and by facilitating and synergizing its members’ capacities.

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RECPnet Members employ a model of industrial production that is environmentally, economically and socially sustainable. Their services help:

Increase productivity

Reduce natural resource use
and emissions

Improve the well-being of workers
and communities

What is RECP?

RECP entails the continuous application of preventive environmental strategies to processes, products and services to increase efficiency and reduce risks to communities and the environment. RECP addresses three sustainability dimensions individually and synergistically:

In developing and transition economies, the shift towards material use reduction is under way, but there is room for further development in the global South without endangering societies or the environment. By implementing RECP, industries can reduce the material, energy and pollution intensity per unit of industrial output; thereby reducing the global ecological footprint while simultaneously improving productivity and competitiveness.